Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Protection for an organization, its management, or its employees from claims relating to wrongful employment practices by its executives, partners, principals, employees and if necessary, independent contractors.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

PL Risk Advisors offers clients in all classes of business a competitive EPLI product designed to cover legal fees, settlements and damage awards that result from EPLI claims. Our broad “all risk” coverage also includes FMLA, FLSA, USEA, mergers, defamation, false imprisonment and intentional infliction of emotional distress. We also include SEC Auditing coverage and Privacy Coverage and have a first-dollar defense option.

We can help your clients reduce their exposures with outstanding risk management practices, including having excellent records on employee evaluations; hiring, promotion and termination decisions; compensation; and hours worked. Excellent documentation, combined with top-quality insurance would be indispensable in the event your clients are faced with an EPLI allegation.

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PL Risk works with dozens of top-rated carriers across 43 states while staying up to date on the latest products and exposures for a variety of industries. If you're not sure where to go with a submission that lands on your desk, lean on our resources and we'll navigate the options and complexities of the policy.

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